Continuity of care means having comprehensive medical care provided to you in a coordinated manner by your family physician. Over a long period of time, we develop a physician – patient relationship with you, and this combined with in-depth knowledge of your health allows us to make medical decisions that that are in your best interest.


When our patients go to walk in clinics, continuity of care becomes disrupted: 
  • Most walk-in clinic doctors do not have your complete medical history. They do not have an established relationship with you to guide medical decision-making.
  • Your family physician will not know what happened at the walkin clinic, what tests were ordered, or what treatment/referrals were done
  • Any results or reports generated from the visit will return to the walk-in clinic and not to your family physician
  • Walk-in clinics will not arrange for follow up of ongoing issues


At Centro Healthcare, we work together as a team to provide after hours coverage so our
patients do not need to go to walk-in clinics. We provide an after hours Clinic Monday to Thursday from 5 – 8pm, and on Saturdays from 10am – 1pm, for urgent issues.
We do not operate as a walk-in clinic; we ask our patients to make appointments to avoid unnecessary wait times and crowded waiting rooms.


When you attend the After Hours Clinic:
  •  You will be seen by your family physician or one of the doctors in our team
  • The doctor you see will have access to all of your medical records and be able to communicate directly with your family physician
  • Be assured that your family physician will have the full story from your after hours clinic visit including any results/reports generated from the visit


Our team of physicians at Centro Healthcare is dedicated to providing the best medical care for our patients. Instead of going to a walk in clinic, please give us a call at 905-605-4744 to schedule a same day urgent appointment or an appointment in our After Hours Clinic.